This Week's New Stuff!

Larousse is looking summery in her t shirt and cute striped thong, we just love the way it shows off her plump belly and fat round ass. Larousse's soft, pale curves look amazing in this set, as she poses in ways that highlight her bulging rolls and pudgy, dimpled arms. Lots of close ups and 'fat' angles! We've also posted part 2 of Shawna Blu's bikini set. Some awesome POV's of Shawna's massive, cellulite covered ass and thighs. Could you imagine being engulfed by those huge thighs?


Past Updates... See what you've been missing!

7/28/14 A great new set of Trudy Michelle showcases her amazing figure with lots of sexy POV shots,just look at those massive thighs!

48 pics

7/28/14 Just look at Asia's huge tits and soft, flabby belly in part 2 of her pink dress gallery.

45 pics & 7 min video

7/21/ 14 Welcome busty pear shaped beauty Livy LaRue in a hot set with a bustier and G string.

49 pics & 6 min video

7/21/14 Part 2 of Pagan Goddess's black lace set, such a bright smile, and amazing tits too!

48 pics

7/14/14 Megapear Shawna Blu models her newest bikini, just look how that massive ass swallows up this chair!

49 pics

7/14/14 Rose paints her nails in part 2 of her red lace gallery. Some good shots for the bbw foot lovers!

46 pics & 8 min video


7/7/14 Asia is looking bigger and flabbier than ever as she plays with her massive belly and bulging rolls.

48 pics

7/7/14 Ms Macabre flaunts her huge tits and soft, jiggly double belly in part 2 of her 'Lil Fat Nightmare' set.

46 pics & 7 min video

6/30/14 Busty beauty Rose shows off her soft, sexy double belly and ample thighs in this hot new set.

46 pics

6/30/14 Part 2 of Maxi Moon's ass-tastic purple panty set posted, lots of sexy shots of this bottom heavy babe.

48 pics

6/23/14 Some great new photos of Pagan Goddess this week, with awesome POV shots of her incredible tits and massive, buttercream rolls.

45 pics & 5 min video

6/23/14 Watch pear shaped beauty Curvy Nurse pulverize balloons with her massive ass and gigantic thighs in part 2 of her balloon fun set.

45 pics & 8 min video

6/16/14 Busty, big bellied brunette Ms Macabre makes her debut, just look at that massive double belly!

47 pics

6/16/14 Mega pear Lolla Blaze finishes her ice cream before bed, and it sure looks like its going to all the right places.

45 pics

6/9/14 Mega pear Maxi Moon is back, and takes off her jeans to reveal that massive expanse of ass.

48 pics

6/9/14 Part 2 of Lydia Manahan's "Trouble" gallery. Lots of POV belly and huge tit shots!

44 pics & 3 min video


6/2/14 Curvy Nurse plays with and crushed balloons with her massive ass & thighs!

44 pics

6/2/14 Some great nudes as big bootie cutie Chrissy Marie strips down to nothing but 6" heels.

5/27/14 Lolla Blaze is an ice cream eating pear princess in her new set as you join her for a bedtime snack.

45 pics

5/27/14 Pear shaped goddess Luscious Amazon shows off her recent gains in her massive hips, thighs, and belly.

46 pics & 12 min video

5/20/14 Big tit queen Lydia manahan rocks her FF's in a tight top and tiny thong.

45 pics


5/20/14 LadyDreamz and Deja Vu make out and play with each other's huge tits in this update to their latest breast friends gallery.

44 pics

5/13/14 Tall curvy beauty Chrissy Marie struts her stuff in hot pink lace & sexy heels.

45 pics

5/13/14 Some more bootylicious shots added to Sinnabum's tiger dress gallery, just look at those acres of ass!

46 pics & 4 min video

5/6/14 Here's a pear-fect start to spring... gaining pear shaped beauty Luscious Amazon stuffed into tight swimwear.

47 pics

5/6/14 POart 2 of Pagan Goddess's debut gallery posted, with some incredible views of her gigantic buttercream curves and massive tits.

47 pics & 6 min video


4/29/14 LadyDreamz & Deja Vu have some frisky fun together as they disrobe each other and play with each other's massive bellies and tits.

45 pics

4/29/14 Blake Monarch gets nekkid and rubs her massive, growing belly as she finishes the last of the donuts.

42 pics & 9 min video


4/22/14 Just look at Sinnabum's incredible ass in a short sexy dress! Hot big booty set this week.

48 pics

4/22/14 More of belly queen Trudy's massive sun splashed rolls and curves up close & personal as she enjoys the warm Florida sunshine.

50 pics & 5 min video

4/15/14 Our newest model Pagan Goddess makes her debut, this busty beauty is bulging buttercream perfection.

49 pics


4/15/14 Part 2 of Dolce BBW's sexy leopard panty set, just look at that massive, growing belly and soft rolls.

47 pics & 3.6 min video


4/8/14 Don't miss Blake Monarch stuffing her face full of chocolate donut holes in this sexy eating set.

42 pics

4/8/14 Angie Kimber fills up this chair with her widening rolls and huge thighs!

49 pics & 4 min video

4/1/14 Trudy Michelle enjoys the warm spring sunshine on her gigantic belly and massive curves.

50 pics

4/1/14 Pear shaped beauty Mindi Misfit looks ass-tastic as she strips and gives you big butt lovers quite a show!

49 pics & 8 min video

3/24/14 Exotic mexican beauty Dolce is looking bigger and better than ever in this hot new set. Look at that massive expanse of belly

48 pics


3/24/14 Busty MsLady shows off her amazing tits and soft bulging rolls in part 2 of her tight dress set.

45 pics

3/17/14 Angie Kimber celebrates St Patty's day by eating all the cake! No wonder her belly and thighs are growing so huge.

49 pics

3/17/14 Part 2 of Fiona's zebra boyshort set, some great booty and belly shots of this big, sexy pear as she strips for you and rocks those cellulite covered curves.

45 pics


3/10/14 Hefty honey Mindi Misfit is back sporting some pretty new panties & a beautiful smile.

49 pics

3/10/14 Some awesome views of Charlotte Russell's massive thunder thighs in part 2 of her 'You Wish' gallery.

47 pics & 5 min video

3/3/14 MsLady is showing off her thick curves in a skin tight tube dress, with no panties!

45 pics

3/3/14 Part 2 of Reenaye Starr's valentine treat set, just look at how massive her thighs and belly are getting!

46 pics & 7.5 min video

2/25/14 Fiona has massive cellulite covered thighs and a soft, jiggly stretchmarked belly, you'll just love this bottom heavy beauty!

47 pics

2/25/14 Kenzie Ford shows off her abundance of plush rolls & folds and sexy double belly.

50 pics & 8 min video


2/18/14 Charlotte Russell has plenty of shots for the ass & leg men in her latest set, cellulite covered pear shaped perfection.

48 pics

2/18/14 Trudy Michelle will knock you out with her gigantic belly and massive thighs, she's looking bigger than ever.

44 pics