This Week's New Stuff!

We've got a brand new model for you this week, Pagan Goddess has a pretty smile, incredible tits, and such irresistably soft, squishy rolls. This bulging beauty has softness everywhere, thighs, butt, even cute rolls on her arms. Give her the love, and we'll be sure to bring this pretty bbw back lots more in the future. Speaking of bbw beauties, we also have part 2 of Dolce's leopard panty set this week, with lots of great shots of this exotic looking latin hottie. She looks great and bigger than ever in this sexy new set.


Past Updates... See what you've been missing!

4/8/14 Don't miss Blake Monarch stuffing her face full of chocolate donut holes in this sexy eating set.

42 pics & 9 min video

4/8/14 Angie Kimber fills up this chair with her widening rolls and huge thighs!

49 pics & 4 min video

4/1/14 Trudy Michelle enjoys the warm spring sunshine on her gigantic belly and massive curves.

50 pics & 5 min video

4/1/14 Pear shaped beauty Mindi Misfit looks ass-tastic as she strips and gives you big butt lovers quite a show!

49 pics & 8 min video

3/24/14 Exotic mexican beauty Dolce is looking bigger and better than ever in this hot new set. Look at that massive expanse of belly

48 pics


3/24/14 Busty MsLady shows off her amazing tits and soft bulging rolls in part 2 of her tight dress set.

45 pics

3/17/14 Angie Kimber celebrates St Patty's day by eating all the cake! No wonder her belly and thighs are growing so huge.

49 pics

3/17/14 Part 2 of Fiona's zebra boyshort set, some great booty and belly shots of this big, sexy pear as she strips for you and rocks those cellulite covered curves.

45 pics


3/10/14 Hefty honey Mindi Misfit is back sporting some pretty new panties & a beautiful smile.

49 pics

3/10/14 Some awesome views of Charlotte Russell's massive thunder thighs in part 2 of her 'You Wish' gallery.

47 pics & 5 min video

3/3/14 MsLady is showing off her thick curves in a skin tight tube dress, with no panties!

45 pics

3/3/14 Part 2 of Reenaye Starr's valentine treat set, just look at how massive her thighs and belly are getting!

46 pics & 7.5 min video

2/25/14 Fiona has massive cellulite covered thighs and a soft, jiggly stretchmarked belly, you'll just love this bottom heavy beauty!

47 pics

2/25/14 Kenzie Ford shows off her abundance of plush rolls & folds and sexy double belly.

50 pics & 8 min video


2/18/14 Charlotte Russell has plenty of shots for the ass & leg men in her latest set, cellulite covered pear shaped perfection.

48 pics

2/18/14 Trudy Michelle will knock you out with her gigantic belly and massive thighs, she's looking bigger than ever.

44 pics

2/11/14 Reenaye shows off some pretty new lingerie on her incredible body for valentine's day.

47 pics

2/11/14 Part 2 of Natalia's red fullbacks gallery, just look at that massive buttercream booty!

45 pics & 5.5 min video

2/4/14 We've got a brand new model for you, sexy and curvy, big booty cutie Kenzie Ford makes her debut.

49 pics

2/4/14 Part 2 of Curvy Nurse's spring set, and just look whats blooming for all you ass men!

45 pics & 8 minute fat play & jiggling video.



1/27/14 Looks like Trudy Michelle is outgrowing her nightie and thong, it can barely cover her gigantic belly and thighs

45 pics

1/27/14 Massive buttercream beauty Crystal Star tempts you with some amazing nude poses in part 2 of her sheer lingerie gallery.

44 pics & 5 min video

1/20/14 Sexy pear Natalia is rockin' her massive ass in tight red fullback panties this week.

45 pics

1/20/14 More from busty beauty Delicious Diva's blue thong gallery, she looks delightfully plush and curvy!

43 pics & 6 min video


1/13/14 Spring is in the air in this great new set, and so is Curvy Nurse's massive ass!

47 pics

1/13/14 Asia finishes a huge plate of sweetrolls and shows off her enormous, jiggly belly and huge tits, looks like all those calories are paying off!

43 pics & 6 min video

1/6/24 We're starting the new year off right with megapear Crystal Star and her massive hips & thighs.

45 pics


1/6/14 Part 2 of Larousse's leopard panty set, lots of great POV shots of her plush, bulging rolls and ample thighs.

45 pics & 7 min video

12/30/13 Delicious Diva's plush rolls & curves look amazing in this new set. This girl is a boob & booty lover's delight!

44 pics

12/30/13 Smitten Kitten strikes some poses that will have you longing for her massive 52I tits, plump arms, and squishy double belly.

41 pics


12/25/13 Great eating set with bulging, big bellied beauty Asia as she devours a box of frosted cinnamon buns!

45 pics

12/25/13 More of Sinnabum's massive ass... sans thong! Now that's an xmas present for pear lovers everywhere!

44 pics & 7 min video

12/18/13 Plush pear Larousse struts her stuff in tight leopard panties and a mini dress, just look at all those soft, bulging, marshmallowy curves.

47 pics

12/18/13 Part 2 of Lolla Blaze's shower set, sexy nude Lolla shows off all of her pear goodness.

44 pics

12/11/13 Have we got a present for you this holiday season, new model Sinnabum's gigantic ass wouldn't fit under the tree if you tried!

45 pics

12/11/13 Trudy Michelle's massive belly is full of fattening food, she rubs her bulging rolls and relaxes on the couch.

43 pics & 8 min video

12/4/13 Smitten Kitten flirts & teases in a red miniskirt and heels that make her big, soft, buttercream thighs look fabulous.

42 pics

12/4/13 More of pear shaped delight Charlotte Russell as she shows off those amazing hips & thighs.

44 pics & 7.5 min video

11/27/13 Lolla Blaze soaps up her bulging rolls and curves for you in the shower, just look at all that soft, wet squishiness!

45 pics

11/27/13 Bettie Rocker flashes her massive ass and huge tits in the pool whilke she takes advantage of some nice fall weather.

42 pics & 8.5 min video

11/20/13 Join Trudy Michelle for a feast on game day as she fills her massive belly with fattening foods.

45 pics

11/20/13 Redhottie stuffs herself with pie as the chubby little sugar plump fairy

43 pics & 10.5 mins of video

11/12/13 Extreme pear Charlotte Russell makes her debut and delights you with her massive ass and hefty thighs.

45 pics

11/12/13 Venus has some fun with the whipped cream and her big tits in this update, lots of sensual licking and fat play.

44 pics

11/5/13 Bettie Rocker's massive rolls & curves overflow this tiny bikini as she gets some late season sun in the pool

45 pics

11/5/13 More of Alexx Star in tight booty shorts, just look at that amazing buttercream belly of hers! A busty beauty with a huge, squishy tummy

45 pics & 6 min video


10/29/13 Redhot Phatgirl is a fairy who's gotten too fat to fly for halloween. Guess she's just have to stuff her massive curves with more fattening treats!

44 pics

10/29/13 Part 2 of Mindi Misfit's purple thong set, amazing shots of her ample ass and massive thighs for pear lovers everywhere.

46 pics & 6 min video